1.0 On the use and disposing of oily bearings assembled conditions
1.1 Reduce noise disposing of oily bearings on the study

1.0 On the use and disposing of oily bearings assembled conditions

    (1) cones - and-oil-bearing flange bearings with the use of assembly, and shape as a result of pressure from the oil-bearing bearings zinc, aluminium die-casting pieces, corrugated iron and other metal castings, sometimes plastic, and the cable assembly, the oil-bearing bearings products diameter of interal bearing size and the inevitable pressure to change. As entertaining themselves wall thickness and shape differences in pressure pressure by charging a flexible clear direction bearings During affected, only the pursuit of size simply is not smart precision, thus, the pressure necessary to be set aside "pressurised into volume", but also fully aware of the direction of the weak "resilient." As above, the cable trays with the design of materials, shape, shape and materials bearing the "pressurised into volume" and "resilience" is a complex relationship, in the use of strict conditions must recognize these relationships. Thus, the actual pressure in the process should be decided at least a minimum security operation smallest size bearings, and set the best security rotational speed, the pressure to comply with the basic rules is important, not only to the rules of appropriate security operation, but through pressure from the assembly after the products really Yuan degrees, cones degrees to meet the rules correctly, and to prevent accidents caused by operational errors. (2) assembly methods : Should be used to guide local bearings diameter of interal bearing than the size slightly in the course of pressure will cause plasticity deformation, the introduction of its sales to the same diameter of interal bearing size of the roughness processing side, really Yuan degrees, cones for processing continuous coordination, and the next decade bearings and mutual structured degrees can achieve high-precision, which is the use of direct marketing purposes. (please see below (a) Diagram of the pressure is shown in the former state, bearings should figure below, it is important - you can pass. Light (B), (B), shown in the pressure-selling out before the completion of the state, which is the greatest power in the devices at this time will have the greatest pressure. ), thus, - If size can not be greater than bearings diameter of interal bearing size, or pressed into the bearings operations will occur trouble. During stuck rod bearings will be unable, or bearings diameter of interal bearing structure was worn face gaps, and so on. These are assembled into disposing of oily bearing the pressure of the basic rules, if these rules are ignored, it would be difficult to successfully use oil-bearing bearings. (a), (B), refer to (3) the volume of bearings pressed into weak effects : As a pressurised into technical basic "pressurised into volume," During its impact through practical tests to obtain the data are summarized below. (in Table 1) Table 1 casting weak impact of bearings

Diameter of exterior bearingsize(Ø) Cable diameter of interal bearing size(Ø) Pressurised into sinks(µm) - If size (Ø) During size-sell used bearings(Ø) - Sell unused bearings diameter of interal bearing size(Ø)
7.015 7.010 5 2.003 Ø2(+0.002~0.003) Ø2(+0.002~+0.003)
7.015 7.005 10 2.003 Ø2(-0~+0.001) Ø2(-0.001~+0)
7.015 7.000 15 2.003 Ø2(-0.002~-0.001) Ø2(-0.003~-0.001)
5.015 5.010 5 2.003 Ø2(+0.002~+0.003) Ø2(+0.002~+0.003)
5.015 5.005 10 2.003 Ø2(-0~+0.001) Ø2(-0.001~+0)
5.015 5.000 15 2.003 Ø2(-0.002~-0.001) Ø2(-0.003~-0.001)

Testing (pressurised into) preconditions. In actual production, cable and diversity of materials and shapes, the rigid, resilience, flexibility, and are vastly different, but the tests did not take into account all the above factors will only weak impact study bearings (rebound) ---- reference table 1.a. ) bearings size.
b.)Bearings measured size
c.)Cable production
To-carbon steel materials, hardening, grinding, weak surface roughness in the 0.4S. In addition, pressure to jig, jig out, push rod, and from the perspective of Taiwan should give full attention to the straight; , and carry noodles should Waijing processing and equipment.

1.1 Reduce noise disposing of oily bearings on the study

    (1. ) mechanisms and provide lubrication of bearings disposing of oily noise (sliding tone), oil-bearing bearings, bearings classification see from the "sliding bearings," a; General sliding bearings to completely provide lubrication (oil formation) to the mechanisms that friction coefficient in the general bearings is 0.02-0.05, compared with oil-bearing bearings situation is 0.1-0.2. is higher than the former, and the temperature rise is relatively large. However, the good performance of ordinary bearings, and this is because the continuing supply from outside the ideal premise made once either break, China oil daily, there is loads situation. Oil-bearing bearing such risk is minimal, in fact, not to the oil situation, in adverse conditions despite smoke, it does not burn, and continue to operate more examples.
    General, the envisaged oil-bearing bearings oil (lubricant) mechanisms as follows, that is, through the axis of rotation, for pumps, oil can leach, and through the hole bearings intimate links to the bearings for the oil bearing sliding between a slick surface, such slick part through sliding face following the leakage of gas clouds, thus, The oil leaked through the bearings intimate and moving account is not adjacent to the load side, the oil cycle, that is to contain the oil bearing sliding surface as a result of the omission of the oil slick forming thin, easily formed realm lubricant state, where sliding surface axle bearings with a metal access number, sliding into the Great.
    Thus, under the oil-bearing bearings model chart with the move to proportional pressure relations more factors, such as porous plasmid size (M2) and the bearings Bihouduo and high accumulated through the porous quality oil within Tongqikong body length and sliding surface slick to read bearings intimate weak upper Youjin come about between the semicircle week average length oil pressure poor and sliding face slick with weak upper performed face pressure differential between -- by the above considerations, sliding side to the bearings intimate exploration of oil spills with advance degrees, and the functioning of the pressure proportional relationship to the higher pressure, sliding surface bearings intimate exploration of the larger oil spills, the oil also corresponding thinning, axle with metal bearings to increase access, sliding into a corresponding increase, which is explained Link.
    (2. ) Noise (sliding sound) generated a variety of reasons :

According to the Institute here, the Association published literature on the basis of facts, summarized as follows :

  a.Advance degrees.

Lower bearings material handling degrees, then we can prevent oil leakage from the sliding surface below, thus, corresponding thicken oil, reduce axle and bearings metal access, even in a state of almost fluid lubricant, sliding sound is reduced. However, when communication was a significant drop in oil also missed sliding face a little, on the other hand, bearings intimate part through gas producing oil but not sufficient, therefore, sliding face of oil thinning, axle bearings with metal access increased, the increase in the sliding tone.

With advance degrees sliding into decline significantly to the corresponding decline, but spend hours in advance, know sliding into increasing phenomenon, therefore, could be interpreted as oil-bearing bearings own mechanisms to provide lubrication of bearings and bearings intimate links with the desire for a close circle of interdependence.

  b.Lubricants impact

Regarding lubricants, when high-viscosity lubricants is sliding into decline with a higher viscosity lubricants, then sliding down into a lower, and also clearly in the light load conditions short of the type of sliding into lubricants operation not affected. To reduce sliding sound, the use of lubricants viscosity higher the better, but on the other hand, fluid provide lubrication, friction resistance or friction coefficient is the ratio of the same viscosity, high viscosity lubricants choose not to bearings performance. On the choice of disposing of oily bearings used lubricants, have relatively axle speed general benchmarks. Indeed, the only choice that needs within a high viscosity can also have a clear oil-bearing bearings provide lubrication mechanisms with the desire for self-reliance while also with lubricants viscosity close interdependence. Therefore, the viscosity lubricants is extremely important impact on the sliding raise the viscosity lubricants can reduce sliding into training. Therefore, any type of insertion relief goods lubricants are generally not impact accreditation.

  c.Steel axle (title) with the hardness and bearings bearings processing roughness effects.

On the hardness and processing roughness effects bearings and steel axle processing roughness large sliding into increased tendency is bearing materials rather soft, sliding, make crude face deformation and smooth, thus, its impact is not very large, steel axle its material straight, white surface crude, no changes to its considerable impact. In addition, in light load conditions while operating under the hardness of steel axle little impact. To reduce sliding sound, to the extent possible, using surface processing steel axle and bearings good situation, particularly the need to give full attention to the steel axle.

  d.Oil-bearing capacity and operating hours.

On the oil-bearing bearings of sliding into the same oil-bearing capacity and operating time, as long as oil-bearing bearings domination own lubricant oil mechanisms cycle is a smooth, sliding into almost without bearings more Kong rates impact, but bearings intimate oil-bearing capacity less than effective porous half rate, in other words containing oil rate / effective porous rate value in the following 50%, Because oil is not sufficient, oil-bearing bearings oil cycle mechanisms can not smooth and evasive, thus, easily sliding face contact with the metal, then sliding into big change, in order to reduce sliding into, as the need for anti-air reduced to a certain value, that is generally 18-21V01% must be more effective to reduce the rate of wasted 9-12V0e% intimate bearing the oil-bearing capacity, in fact, not necessary, as the previous known as excessive attention to the impact of lower rates effective porous. Nevertheless, when the bearings intimate oil-bearing state value -- oil-bearing rate / porous effective rate greater impact, it is necessary to maintain at least 75% in about, so audio equipment used oil-bearing bearings in manufactured, lubricants Hanjin handle very adequate, the general view was that the need for oil-bearing rate to close to the porous effective rate.

  e.Operating conditions.

On the impact of oil-bearing bearings sliding into pressure, speed and the functioning gap conditions governing mechanisms disposing of oily lubricant oil-bearing structure of the cycle of communication degrees at the same time, with these conditions, brought a great interdependence. Pressure and speed of sliding into a very significant impact, reducing pressure or reduce speed can reduce sliding tone. Also, with steel axle bearings During the gap between the impact, if modest, generally ignored.


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